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ASC-Australia is a full-service consulting and software development and deployment company devoted to the implementation and services of ARCHIBUS.
ARCHIBUS Solution Centers Australia opened for business during March 2005. We have a core group of staff, highly experienced in successful ARCHIBUS implementations. We also collaborate with the technical team at ARCHIBUS Inc to add value to ARCHIBUS in the form of add-on products, consulting expertise, and support services.
Message from Bruce K. Forbes, President and CEO of ARCHIBUS, Inc:
"With its extensive experience in areas such as CAD, database development, Web deployment, and facilities management, ASC-Australia is well-positioned to dominate the growing facilities and infrastructure management market in Australia. The management team already has a strong record of providing effective ARCHIBUS implementations, and has played significant roles in educating their regional business communities about the importance of Total Infrastructure and Facilities Management. We are pleased to add ASC-Australia to our roster of elite global Business Partners."
Our corporate vision is to deliver world-class products and services that help promote teamwork, creativity and maximise clients ROI.
We work closely with our clients to define solutions to fill their needs, which impact positively on the client's productivity and financial bottom line.
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